spigen iPhone X Case GLAS.tR Slim

Tempered glass protector for the iPhone X

Case-friendly cutout stays compatible with all Spigen cases

Comes with easy installation wings to make application effortless

9H defense with oleophobic coating to combat scratches and fingerprints

Package includes one Glas.tR, dust stickers, cleaning wipes and cloth

** NOTE : Screen protectors are purposely manufactured smaller than the phone’s actual screen for case compatibility

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The GLAS.tR Slim™ is the ultimate solution for screen defense with case compatibility. Its tempered glass features 9H hardness to handle everyday scratches with a design exclusively made to stay on with all Spigen cases. Its oleophobic coating ensures the surface to remain fingerprint-free, touch-responsive and clear just as its original screen. Shield the screen with GLAS.tR Slim™.


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